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Art Education

Art Education at Mizel

We begin each year exploring the world of collage. Students are presented with a wide array of papers, fabrics, texture, and colors to explore their environment and express their own creativity. The focus then moves into studying art elements of line, shape, value, texture, and color.

Viewing examples of artist works that illustrate the subject of the lesson, not only gives the students ideas for their own work, but also furthers their familiarity to a variety of artists and styles.

Art is a consistently positive experience for students at Mizel.  As the children explore the creative process, they develop an appreciation for their individual expression and the expression of other artists. This experiential process fosters success in other areas of their lives.

Jewish holidays act as springboards for many art projects which support Mizel’s Judaic program. During Hanukkah, students view online images of ancient and contemporary menorahs which then inspire their own designs. Making Purim masks, Sukkah decorations, Hanukah dreidels, and Passover haggadahs are some other examples of infusing art with Judaic education.

Younger students develop their fine motor skills by tracing, cutting, painting, lacing and gluing. The older students become familiar with the art elements as they work in class on art projects.