Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community

Fifth Grade

Hay Curriculum Overview 

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Differentiate literal from inferential
  • Read a wide variety of books from many sources
  • Use mood, theme, character, setting, and plot to develop comprehension skills
  •  Recognize simile, metaphor, hyperbole
  • Use graphic organizers extensively
  • Expand the writing process to contain at least three paragraphs with an introduction, body, and conclusion, proper sentence structure, punctuation, and correct spelling.
  • Strengthen research/internet skills
  • Develop proper test-taking skills


  • Understand basic number sense and numeration
  • Round whole numbers, place value through 6 digits, decimals to the hundredths place
  • Understand number operation and computation
  • Fractions
  • Strengthen understanding of algebraic equations
  • Understand all decimal operations
  • Understand the meaning of ratio and percentage
  • Understand symmetry

Social Studies:

  • Use map skills to compare land forms, bodies of water, hemispheres, scales and legends
  • Explore contributions of explorers who settled America
  • Understand foundation of American political system
  • Understand relationship between resource and economic activities as compared to modern day supply and demand
  • Understand the principles of democracy
  • Understand the events which led up to the Civil War


  • Utilize the scientific method
  • Describe physical qualities such as size, shape, color, mass, temperature, and texture
  • Study the earth’s structure and solar system
  • Draw inferences, predictions, and conclusions from tables, line graphs, bar graphs, and trends

Judaic Studies (4th/5th grade – 2 year cycle):

  • Learn basic prayers
  • Recognize Israel through maps, history, and geography
  • Become familiar with Sephardic/Azhenazic Judaism
  • Become aware of Jewish immigration
  • Study modern Israel
  • Study ethics, holidays,customs, and traditions
  • Engage in weekly bible study – judges and prophets

Hebrew Instruction:
Lessons by involving all the five senses | Hebrew will support Judaica program
The students will learn Hebrew as a spoken and written language through:

  •  Stories
  •  Songs
  •  Pictures
  •  Skits

Study Skills:
The students will:

  • Work independently
  • Become a focused listener
  • Practice self-monitoring
  • Develop note-taking, outlining, and overall organizational skills