Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community

Third Grade

Science Skills: 

  •  Understand and applying the scientific method
  • Interpret and communicate through inferences, predictions, and conclusions.
  • Compare, contrast, and question objects, organisms, and events in our environment.

Judaic Studies:

  • Extend an understanding of Jewish practices from home to synagogue and community
  • Learn and recite important prayers and understand their significance
  • Lead the T’fillah service with peers and participate twice weekly before the school day
  • Learn the meaning behind the holidays and celebrations
  • Study and participate in learning what is in the Torah
  • Participate in a weekly Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Study about the state of Israel and its important cities, institutions and landmarks

Hebrew Studies:

  • Learn to speak simple words and build a wide spoken vocabulary
  • Write sentences and compose meaningful text
  • Become a fluent Hebrew reader

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Gimel (Third Grade) Curriculum Overview

 Reading and Language Arts

  • Apply higher level thinking to distinguish cause and effect
  • Make inferences and evaluate outcomes
  • Use the dictionary and thesaurus
  • Alphabetize to the third letter
  •  Expand vocabulary through literature
  • Respond to a wide variety of literary forms
  • Using nouns, verbs, and adjectives correctly
  • Use brainstorming, clustering, and webbing strategies
  • Use a variety of written forms, such as narrative, descriptive, and persuasive
  • Revise and edit using Standard English conventions
  • Use appropriate cursive handwriting

Math Goals: 

  • Use addition, multiplication, and division facts with automatic recall
  • Identify simple fractions
  • Add and subtract with regrouping to three digits
  •  Recognize place value to 999,999
  • Multiply and divide one digit by one digit
  • Use bar graphs, charts, pictographs, patterns and lists
  • Count money and make change
  • Use a variety of problem solving approaches
  • Estimate sums and differences

nbsp;Social Studies Goals:

  • Understand interrelationships of one’s community and other communities using a global perspective
  • Understand the purpose of government
  • Know rights and purposes of government
  • Know how basic climates affect people
  • Distinguish varying landforms