Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community

Why Mizel

What makes Mizel a Jewish Community Day School? 

Mizel JCDS is a unique combination of Reform, Conservative, and observant Jewish families and non-Jews who practice other religions. We meet these varying needs by teaching our students about Judaism, its traditions, laws, language, customs, and history. The way in which a family chooses to practice religion at home is a private decision.

How successful are Mizel Day School Graduates?

Mizel Day School graduates have done very well in subsequent academic settings. A parent of a recent graduate commented “Our son has done so well academically and personally. I really believe that his years attending this Jewish day school helped form the foundation for his success.”

Do you think a day school education will make a difference in my child’s feelings about being Jewish?

Yes, we really do! Research shows that a child’s value system is established from birth to age five. An important aspect of a child’s Jewish identity is the emphasis on Jewish traditions and history. These are woven into the curriculum and the daily schedule.

How do our students learn about the larger community?

Through their Jewish education, students develop the solid values and ethics needed to guide them when they leave Mizel Day School and move into the larger community.  Students conduct food and clothing drives for less fortunate to embrace Tikkun Olam, “repairing and caring for the world”.

Are gifted/talented needs addressed?

The teachers on our staff work with each student so that he/she receives the individual and small group attention needed. They help students feel successful and provide appropriate enrichment activities.

What are the advantages of the multi-age classrooms?

The younger children are challenged by advanced subject matter. The older children benefit from serving as mentors for their younger classmates. This reinforces learning and develops leadership.