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Preschool/PreK Signs of Excellence

What Should a Parent Look For in a Quality Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten?

An appropriate early childhood preschool or prekindergarten program is child-centered with many opportunities for choice and the freedom to participate. A child finds activities that are appealing, yet he/she is gently guided to try new things. Children are not presented with isolated, direct instruction of skills through drills, pencil/paper tasks, and lecturing. Experienced teachers present integrated learning experiences by combining literacy with math and social studies. Art activities enhance scientific concepts.

Mizel does this!

Children are encouraged to play, which enhances their growth in all developmental realms – physical, cognitive, language, and social/emotional. Play supports learning by fostering a child’s self-regulation in a small community of their peers.

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Children perform better if there is consistency and a predictable routine. Once they have mastered their environment, all of their energy can be focused on growth and development. A warm, nuturing environment with loving teachers help youngsters achieve even more.

Mizel does this!

We encourage parents to sit and observe a classroom. Ask yourselves the following questions: Is the learning environment arranged in centers for blocks, dramatic play, science, literacy, writing, read-alouds, and outdoor play? Does it promote choice? Does it include outdoor experiences? What is the daily routine? Are the children grouped for activities in a variety of ways?

Can your child flourish at Mizel in a warm, nuturing Jewish environment?

Your answer will be YES!