Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community


Class of 2015 Mizel Graduates Speak:
The following excerpts are from graduation speeches delivered on May 17, 2015.
“Mizel has taught me the importance of Jewish values and how crucial it is to love everyone. It taught me to become a positive leader where ever I am. It also taught me that learning is fun, but it is also work that must be done with discipline and motivation.”
Francisca Oyarzo

“Some of the things I will take away with me are: the memories I spent with my friends, finding my true Jewish identity and knowing I can succeed in the future.”
Hannah Woods

“Most of all I have made some great friends while here. Most of us have been together the majority of our lives and I hope to keep these friendships for many years to come.”
Denise Rosenstein

“My memories of Mizel will always be positive; it was like a second home to me.”
Linday Haake

“Mizel inspired me to want to work hard and taught me how much responsibility a job really is…”
Joshua Sharpnack

“As the grandparent of a prekindergartner at Mizel Jewish Day School, I am amazed at the knowledge and experiences he has gained as a young child. His excitement to tell me about what he has learned and the projects he has completed are beyond belief of what a young child can accomplish with regard to math, reading, social studies and science. Exposure to music, art and technology has also enhanced his educational experiences.

I have been a Sunday school teacher at Temple Israel for the last ten years and I have noticed a remarkable difference in the level of education of the children who attend Mizel as compared to the children who attend other preschools. Mizel children have gained wonderful prayer skills, knowledge of Jewish traditions, and know the significance of celebrating special Jewish holidays.  It is an exceptional school for children to begin their education from Preschool through fifth grade.”

Sharon Yantes

“We have two children who attend the Mizel Jewish Day School and we are both so pleased with the education they are receiving.  Mizel is much more than just a school; Mizel is a committed family of engaged community members!  The teachers at Mizel go above and beyond to support and challenge their students to take their education to a profound level.  Mizel was a major consideration for us and we are both thrilled with the high quality of education they have received at this superior institution of learning.  Dr. Tilkin and her staff do a fabulous job meeting their students and families where they are at and then taking them to a transformative place of learning.  We appreciate all the school has done for us and we highly recommend Mizel for all serious students and families who are committed world class citizens.”

Eliyahu and Shanti Krigel

“Mizel is one of the best kept secrets in Tulsa.  My son has enjoyed everyday he has had there.  After the first day of school Michael said, ‘Mommy I LOVE my new school’.  He looks forward to going everyday and has changed so much for the best and Mizel brings out the best in him!!  Thank you so much for all the hard work that the teachers and the staff have put into making Mizel a great school.

Renee Dudas, Mizel Parent

“When my son, Seth, was 4 years old, he was attending a preschool that we adored, but he was moving up to a new class with about 20 boys of his personality (intense, competitive) and I didn’t feel the teacher was up for this many boys by herself.  The state of Oklahoma had a free Pre-K program, but the school district we lived in didn’t have all day Pre-K, just 2 hours 20 minute instruction.  I didn’t feel this was worth our time since Seth was attending preschool 3 days a week for 6 hours each day.  The director of the preschool suggested Heritage Academy (now Mizel) and told me that my son would excel there because of the personalized teaching instruction.  The director called Heritage and talked to Sandi and Sandi called me before I got home.  I called Sandi and made the appointment to tour the school with my husband.  While on the tour, Sandi told us about the teachers at Mizel and their accomplishments.  Just being in the school I knew that my son would excel here at Mizel.  I wasn’t wrong.  Seth started in Pre-K (which was all day) with Morah Gentis.  She is a BRILLIANT teacher and teaches each child in the class.  If your child is wanting challenged or needs challenged or needs additional instruction that usually cannot be gotten in a public setting without getting tutoring and likes school this is the school for your child.  Seth has progressed wonderfully and likes the challenges that school has to offer.  My daughter, Emily, started Mizel when she was 3-1/2 years old.  This has been the best decision for her because she wasn’t as independent, but now she is her own person.  Attending Mizel is a wonderful experience and I encourage any parent thinking private school with great teachers, this is the place to come.  This is a community and everyone excels.”

Cynthia Thetge, Mizel Parent

“The six years I spent at Heritage Academy have made a lasting impact on me. The individualized instruction and caring faculty and staff contributed to a wonderful elementary experience. The strong Jewish and secular education that I received made for comfortable transitions into middle school, high school and college. As a college senior graduating this May, I feel my success can be attributed to the foundation I gained from attending Heritage Academy.”

Rachel Prescott, Heritage Academy class of 1996 and Indiana University, class of 2007.

From the moment we spoke to Dr. Sandi Tilkin, Director of then Heritage Academy, we knew that we wanted our children to attend this school.  We visited the school, and were extremely impressed with the program, the staff, and the cross-generational education that is made possible by having the school located within the Jewish Community Center.

We visited the school with the intention of enrolling our four year old son, but upon arriving, our three year old daughter walked into a classroom sat down and started cutting and drawing.  Our decision was made, and on that day, our children started on their educational journey at Mizel.  We have not had any regrets about our decision.

We have observed the children blossom in a loving, nurturing, and academically stimulating environment.  On a regular basis, our children are learning to speak publicly as they present on Friday or as they lead Tefillah.  We have watched them develop a sense of confidence in themselves as they are stretched and rise to the challenge of each project assigned.  Our children are proud of their Jewish heritage, and they know that the world is diverse, but we can always find something that unites and ties us together if we really chose to look hard enough.

We highly recommend Mizel Jewish Community Day School.  Your children will leave having received a rich education not only academically and spiritually, but socially as well.  To besuccessful in any endeavor you must first do what it takes to build a strong foundation, and Mizel will provide your child with the tools for that strong foundation.

Wayne and Jodi Bearstler, Parents

Colleges that Mizel Graduates have attended include: Brown University, Columbia University, Swarthmore College, Yale, Emory, Tufts University, Tulane University, Tulsa University, Kansas University, and Oklahoma University.  Many of these students were also National Merit Scholars and Phi Beta Kappa.