The mission of the Flo and Morris Mizel Jewish Day School, founded as Heritage Academy in 1975, is to provide an outstanding educational program for pre-K through 5th grade students. Rooted in Jewish traditions and values, the general studies and Judaic studies curricula fosters critical thinking, collaboration, character and compassion. As a Jewish Day School, Mizel JCDS is a home to a diverse community of students: Jewish, Interfaith and other backgrounds.

Mizel JCDS accomplishes our mission:

By engaging a faculty with teaching styles which adjust
to the appropriate learning needs of our students.

Fostering independence and self-confidence through emphasizing
successful social skills and performance opportunities.

Introducing enrichment programs to the basic, updated curriculum.

Developing a community of families through dialogue with
the faculty, a strong Parent Teacher Organization, as well as
a commitment to the dignity of each child.

Commitment to Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.

Developing a life long love of learning.

Mizel Jewish Community Day School is a Proud supporter and partner of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa. Together we hope to establish a bright future for the youth of Tulsa! The Jewish Federation of Tulsa’s Zarrow Campus houses all of our facilities and puts us in an excellent position to provide engaging opportunities on and near campus.

Jewish federation

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa (jewishtulsa.org) is to preserve and enhance Jewish life and well-being in Eastern Oklahoma, Israel and the entire world.

Established in 1938, community leaders met to informally discuss problems confronting Tulsa Jewry and what they could do about them. The results, directly or indirectly, of this early effort is the organizations on Zarrow Campus.

The Jewish Federation recognizes Mizel JCDS as one of its Program Partners. The Jewish Federation states they could not do their work without the collaboration and commitment of their Program Partners.

Mizel JCDS, with its pre-K through 5th grade program, provides the model where elementary children will daily live and learn Jewish history, values, traditions, Hebrew language and ritual, along with secular courses of a strong educational program.

The Jewish Federation provides the classroom space, performance and Physical Education space, as well as the maintenance of those spaces, which allow Mizel JCDS to keep tuition and other educational fees to a reachable level for a diverse group of families. The Jewish Federation also provides financial support for Mizel JCDS, support which encourages other donors and foundations to fund the school.

Board of trustees: 2022

Board of trustees:

Katrina Klar, President

Executive Assistant
Professional Marine Services

Shelby Brewster, CPA

Assurance Manager
HoganTaylor LLP

Steve Hardwick, Asst. Treasurer

Credit Manager
eLynx Technologies LLC

Sarah Rothman Downing, Secretary

Special Education Teacher

Rebekah Geiselman

Education & Community Enrichment Director
Tulsa Symphony

Ethan Basch

Head of Partnerships

Richard Bolusky

Territory Marking Manager
Reynolds Marking Services

Kaitlyn Zigrang


Tom Padalino

Tulsa Community College

Rachel Durossette

M.A.CPLTA, Special Projects

Jenny Labow

Executive Assistant
Temple Israel

Dana Nates


Tracey Herst-Woods

Deputy Director
Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

Sarah Woller

Research Assistant
Northeastern State University

Randee Charney

Heritage Academy Foundation

Erin Stackenwalt

Past President

Amanda Anderson

Executive Director

Jillian Roberts

Hearts for Hearing


Mizel JCDS students and families experience the rhythm of the Jewish calendar. Celebrating
Jewish holidays provides the Mizel community with the joy and richness of Jewish life.

Throughout the school year, the students learn the rituals, history, culture and meaning of Jewish holidays. The joy of celebrating the holidays is integrated into all the classrooms. Throughout the school, teachers are encouraged to present the blending of secular curricula with the meaning and elements of Jewish holidays.

Each Friday, students gather to celebrate Shabbat – the Sabbath. Students lead the ritual of the Shabbat celebration. Occasionally there are musical presentations, story readings, performance opportunities, Israeli dancing and other enhancements which welcome Shabbat into the week, deepening students and families understanding of this weekly holiday.

In some cases, when required of the holiday, the school is closed for celebration. Such holidays as Rosh Ha’Shanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Passover and Shavuot are celebrated both at school and at home or synagogue.

Other holidays such as Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat, Lag B’Omer and Yom Ha’Atzmaut can be celebrated at school without closing for the holiday.

Fostering the meaning of each holiday is a foundational component of
Mizel JCDS and a guiding purpose for a Jewish Day School.

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