Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community

First Grade

Alef Curriculum Overview

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Decode words phonetically
  • Recognize sight words
  • Comprehend fiction and non-fiction
  • Identify topic and main idea
  • Respond to many different literary forms
  • Writing a story
  • Engage in daily journal writing
  • Communicate through thank you notes, friendly letters, invitations, and poems


  • Design patterns with concrete objects.
  • Know addition and subtraction facts to 20.
  • Add and subtract two digit numbers.
  • Recognize fractions and standard measurement; inch, foot, yard.

Social Studies Goals:

  • Recognize human interactions within families.
  • Recognize time/historical connection and how it affects our lives.
  • Apply basic map skills.

Science Goals:

  • Observe, measure, classify and experiment with regard to earth and sky.
  • Recognize changes in weather, solids, liquids, gases and human body.
  • Observe and describe various forms of energy

Judaic Studies:

  • Understand Jewish practices from home to synagogue and community.
  • Participate in celebrating practices relating to holidays, The Torah, Shabbat, Havdalah, Mitzvoth, Prayer, Mezzuah.
  • Introduction to cities in Israel, charities, and other famous landmarks and institutions.

Hebrew Instruction:

  • Incorporate the five senses through stories, songs, pictures and skits complementing Judaic Studies.
  • ¬†Learn basic vocabulary re: family members, seasonal words, holidays and celebrations.