Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community


Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Mizel’s kindergarten program is based upon developmental philosophy supporting a  hands-on approach to learning and also integrates all subjects of the curriculum. A thematic structure incorporates Jewish holidays and celebrations which include music and art activities.

Reading and Language arts stress listening and using comprehension strategies, discriminating beginning and ending sounds, learning decoding skills, distinguishing between written symbols, letters and words, using inventive spelling and sharing information in clear, complete sentences.

Math goals include such skills as recognizing numbers 0-20 counting by tens, sorting by attribute, recognizing geometric shapes, comprehending the value of coins and telling time on digital and analog clock to the hour to mention a few.

Social Studieshistorical events and people, basic geographic concepts are some of the social studies objectives. Observing, measuring, classifying and experimenting represents typical science objectives.

Science will include learning to observe and measure, classify, interpret and communicate, experiment and inquire.

Judaic Studies and Hebrew students learn to read and speak Hebrew through stories, songs, pictures and skits. Special Judaic events begin with observing Tashlich, Chanukah activities, Havdalah service, Purim dress-up, Passover Seder, and Lag B’Omer picnic & games. Weekly Kabbalat Shabbat and twice weekly T’fillah provide opportunities to practice the prayers students have learned and have them participate in meaningful Jewish observances. They will also become familiar with Israeli symbols and be able to sing Hatikvah.