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Music Education

Music at Mizel Overview

The goals of Music at Mizel are three-fold:

Help students develop an aesthetic appreciation of music; provide opportunities for musical growth by exposure to the elements of music through varied musical activities; prepare students for participation in the Jewish holidays, celebrations, and services.

Students in all Music classes will learn the school song, the Unites States National Anthem, the Israeli National Anthem, and selected music for the Jewish Services. They will also learn to play percussive instruments; listen to music of composers; and have exposure to musical instruments.

Pre-K: Students will move, sing, listen to music; clap simple rhythms and sing simple melodies.

K: Students will learn the Sol-feggio scales using Kodaly hand signals and sing simple intervals; learn simple note values moving, clapping, singing them; sing on pitch (in tune).

1st: Students will continue using Kodaly and learn more advanced intervals; clap and identify more advanced rhythms; continue working on singing on pitch (in tune).

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th: Students will begin simple rhythmic and melodic diction; singing Rounds and simple two-part harmony; begin sight-reading music and composing songs; learn simple choreography.