Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community


Focused Topics:

Me – Feelings, My Favorite Things, Favorite Nursery Rhymes, Pets, Best Friends,           Seasonal Topics

Family / Community – My house, Favorite foods, Grandparents/ Special Friends, Sports, Jewish Holidays

My World – Feathered Friends, Zoo Animals, Garden, Fun with My Family, Weather

Mizel’s Preschool Curriculum Overview

Emerging Literacy includes verbally communicating and listening to others, use age appropriate language skills, and recognize first name in print.

Math skills will encompass identification of eight basic colors, simple shapes, demonstration of 1 to 1 correspondence, and completion of an 8 – 10 piece puzzle.

Science develops observation of seasonal changes related to weather, daily environment, and basic oil, water and soil resources.

Social Studies/ Work Habits foster individual responisibility for personal belongings, tending to personal needs, and managing transitions.

Physical Development occurs with fine motor skill and gross motor skill experience through running, marching, balancing on one foot, and climbing stairs with alternating feet.

Social and Personal Development includes building self-esteem, becoming responsible, engaging in problem solving, following directions, and sharing with others.

Music provides the opportunity to use movement and visual art to interpret music as well as singing and performing music from Jewish culture.

Art engages the student in process rather than the product, improves fine motor skills with attention to drawing with crayons, pencils, chalk and markers; painting with brushes, feathers and sponges; and cutting and gluing.


Judaic Studies

Students will understand what it means to be Jewish, be familiar with Israel, become familiar with holidays and cycles of the Jewish days of the week and months of the year.  They will recite blessing over food both before and after meals, learn basic prayers, Tzedakah, learn Sabbath rituals, learn basic Hebrew vocabulary and practice the meaning of Mitzvah.