Mizel Students Reach Out to the Community

Second Grade

Bet Curriculum Overview

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Categorize information
  • Determine cause and effect
  • Make inferences and interpretations
  • Use long and short vowel sounds, consonants, blends and diagraphs
  • Decode and read independently
  • Apply comprehension strategies
  • Use dictionary
  • Use synonyms, antonyms and suffixes
  • Write a two paragraph story
  • Express ideas in a variety of modes such as thank you notes, journal entries, and poems

Math Goals:

  • Master addition and subtraction facts to 18
  • Read and solve word problems
  • Manipulate place values to 999
  •  Recognize fractions
  • Compare and contrast geometric shapes
  • Use estimation
  • Count money to $5.00
  • Tell time to five minutes
  • Use appropriate measurement

Social Studies Goals:

  • Become familiar with neighborhoods and communities
  • Develop map skills using scales, keys and legends
  • Recognize basic economic principles
  • Be familiar with historical events and famous people in children’s literature.

Science Skills: 

  • Use the scientific method
  • Recognize life cycles, human body parts, and exploring soil, rocks and minerals

Judaic Studies:

  •  Extend an understanding of Jewish practices/traditions from home to synagogue and the community
  •  Participate and study practices relating to: holidays, the Torah, Shabbat, Havdalah, Mitzvoth, prayer, Mezuzah, identify months of the calendar, respect for the elderly, introduction to cities, charities, famous landmarks and other institutions in Israel, sing Hatikvah and recite appropriate blessings for various foods, participate in Tefillah, discuss weekly Torah portion as it relates to our daily lives.

Hebrew Instruction:

  •  Learn basic Hebrew vocabulary relating to their everyday world, family, seasons, school, etc.
  •  Use songs, skits, and hands on materials to reinforce Hebrew alphabet and vocabulary.